Video Poker Rules

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About Video Poker

Video Poker follows the rules of poker considering winning poker combinations. However, in video poker you don't have to decide if you want to fold your cards or wonder if you will beat the dealer. Video poker is a game between the player and the machine.



Playing a video poker requires only a basic understanding of the composition of various video poker hands. The game itself is simple.

Decide on the coin size you wish to play with by going to the coin size menu.

Decide how many coins you want to bet with by clicking on the appropriate column on the payout schedule or by using the Increase and Decrease buttons. These are represented by either a (+) and (-) symbol, or an Up and Down arrow. Normally, you can choose from 1 to 5 coins. Remember that in case of a Progressive Jackpot a bet of 5 coins is necessary to be eligible for the jackpot.

Click the Deal button to start a new game.

Your first hand of cards will appear in the play area. Examine them carefully. You should compare the cards in your hand with the payout schedule on screen. If there is already a winning combination in the first hand then the machine will automatically hold these cards and will highlight the combination in the payout table.

You can hold a card by clicking on it and unselect a card by clicking on it again. When the cards are held they will be marked to indicate this.

Choose the cards that can potentially give you the highest payout.

When you are ready click the Draw button to get your new cards. The cards you have not held will be removed and replaced with fresh cards from the deck.

If your final hand has a winning combination your winnings will be automatically added to your bank or you might have to push the collect button. In several casinos there is a double up feature. This will give you the chance to double up your winning as many times as you feel lucky. When you press double one card will show face up and four cards face down. You have to select one of the four face-down cards. If the value of the card you chose is higher than the face-up win!

Once you have collected your winnings you can begin another hand of video poker by clicking the Deal button again.